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Alan's Automotive & Diesel Repair Specialists Inc
1426 Selix Grove
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
ph: (719)630-0380
fax: (719)630-0538
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Take a tour of our new shop!
    Alan's Automotive & Diesel Repair Specialists Inc prides itself on maintaining a clean working environment for our technicians and our customers. Come along with us as we give you a virtual tour of our shop area.
There is a large waiting room with all the comforts necessary if you decide to wait for your repairs. We have vending machines, microwave, television, refridgerator and a designer coffee machine complete with all the foo-foo additives you can enjoy. The waiting room is not your typical auto repair waiting room. It's tastefully designed, and kept very clean for your convenience and enjoyment.

The repair garage is ready for all your mechanical needs

The shop is organized, clean and well stocked for our technicians to find the necessary supplies they will need to repair your vehicle. We now have tires machines, alingment machines and all the necessary diagnistic machines to repair and diagnose all types and sizes of vehicles.


Car Care Tip of the day

Installing inexpensive door edge guards will protect the paint on the edge from chipping when the door is opened and comes in contact with posts, walls, trees or other vehicles.

Certifications &

ASE Brakes  Better Business Bureau Member
Factory Authorized Service Center