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Alan's Automotive & Diesel Repair Specialists Inc
1426 Selix Grove
Colorado Springs, CO 80915
ph: (719)630-0380
fax: (719)630-0538
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    What customers are saying about Alan's Automotive & Diesel Repair Specialis

Testimonial for Alanís Automotive & Diesel

I upgraded my truck to run off of SVO in January 2006. At that time I took my truck with the kit I had purchased to Utah for installation. After about 2 years I needed to upgrade my conversion kit. This time I brought it to Alan.

I cannot express just how impressed I was with Alan and the work his shop did! Every part they put in was high quality and everything looks like it was actually stock with the truck.

What I am most impressed with is Alanís knowledge - He knows diesels! It has been so refreshing to work with him, because he really knows what he is talking about and if he doesnít know something he researches it and studies it until he knows exactly what it going on. He spent countless hours pouring over technical schematics and theories with SVO conversions and combined that with his own extensive expertiseÖI am extremely satisfied with the outcome.

Finally and most importantly, I trust Alan. He has absolutely stood by his work and if there are any problems, he will make it right. Daniel Lawrence


Car Care Tip of the day

Keep a coffee can full of cat litter in the trunk during winter months. Sprinkling it over icy patches can supply the traction you need to get rolling when you are stuck.

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