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Car Care Tips from Arville Auto Repair LLC


It's standard to do an oil change every 3,000 miles. However what many people don't know is that the type of oil you add to your vehicle will make a difference. Here at Arville Auto Repair we take pride in adding upgraded oil or synthetic oil to your vehicle to making it run like new.


One of the most important aspect of your vehicle. From time to time, you'll hear break squeaking and very often you find your self replacing brakes frequently. Arville Auto repair specializes in brakes. We use the highest brake pads available for your vehicle. You'll be suprise how rotating your rotors everytime you change your brakes will make a difference. Car Care Q&A

Here are some commonly asked car care and repair questions. Click on the link for a quick answer.

Car Care Tip of the day

Did you know you can check the condition of your vehicle’s hoses simply by giving them a squeeze? With the engine off and brake set, squeeze the hoses between thumb and forefinger. If pliant, they’re OK. If they feel hard or mushy, they'll need replacing.

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