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  Car Care Tips from Tony Latore Auto

Always check your maintenance schedules. We can advice you ahead of time with an email as a reminder.

Car Care Q&A

Here are some commonly asked car care and repair questions. Click on the link for a quick answer.

Body & Interior Car Care Q&A

Here are answers to some common questions about keeping your car looking good, inside and out.

Auto Body Repair

Get educated about your collision, auto body, interior and glass needs.

  • Getting a Damage Appraisal -- Been in a wreck? A damage appraisal is often the first thing your insurance company will want. Read these tips for navigating the process.
  • Choosing a Body Shop -- The key to quality auto body repair lies in choosing the right shop. Here are eight bits of good advice for finding the right shop for the work you need.

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Car Care Tip of the day

Unless the owner's manual says otherwise, use the lowest grade of gas possible. In most cases your car won’t run any differently and you’ll save money at the pump.

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