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Jesus Auto Repair, Inc.'s Maintenance Tips

Can a chipped or cracked windshield be repaired?

The window glass on your car is made of automotive safety glass, a lamination of two pieces of glass with a plastic membrane in between. The middle layer of plastic is what keeps the glass from splintering into sharp pieces during an accident. When your windshield gets a chip, start burst, or crack, it is in the outer layer of glass. Because of the middle layer of plastic material, it is possible to repair minor damage to most windshields. The repair technician cleans the damaged area and then injects a special clear adhesive resin that welds the damaged area together, restoring the structural integrity of the glass without destroying visibility through the glass.

Although major damage to the windshield require glass replacement, minor to moderate damage can be fixed for significantly less than replacing the glass. Stone chips up to the size of a 50 cent piece and cracks up to two feet long are generally, though not always, repairable.