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J-March Auto Sales & Service
783 ROUTES 5 & 20
ph: (315)789-9186
fax: (315)781-1196
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Serving the Finger Lakes for 47 years. A reputation second to none.

Welcome to J-March Auto Sales & Service.

Our goal is to provide you with great service and high-quality workmanship at a fair, honest price. We only repair what is needed. We DO NOT up sell unnessary repairs.

  • Make an appointment right online. It's quick and easy – just click on our calendar to pick the best day and time to drop off your car.
  • Check the list of services we perform.
  • Get your own personal car care page! It will provide lots of information about your car, including recalls, service bulletins and recommended maintenance. Whenever you make an online appointment with us, the service history is added to your page for you to review any time (good service records are also very helpful when it comes time to sell your car).
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Car Care Tip of the day

A minimum two-second distance between you and the vehicle ahead assures plenty of stopping room. To gauge your distance, let the vehicle in front of you pass by a fixed object, and then count the seconds(one-thousand-and-one, one-thousand-and-two…) until you reach the same point and adjust your distanced accordingly.

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ASC Member  ASE Automatic Transmission and Transaxle 
State Emissions Inspection
State Safety Inspection